R.I.P. Project 366

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It’s done

With this post, my Project 366 is now officially finished. I managed to stay within my project rules and took an image every day for the whole year 2008. But I’m really happy that it’s over now as it really started to be a pain in the neck. In the beginning I was really motivated and enjoyed taking pictures and posting them on viZZZual.com but the last weeks of the project really got on my nerves. I started to HATE taking pictures. And that’s the complete opposite of what I hoped would happen during the project. Whatever, the project is over and I hope in some days or weeks the fun in taking pictures will come back.


The last thing to do is to finally announce the winner of my printed wallpaper from JuicyWalls. It’s Xenon. Congratulations! Buddy, I’ll hand it over to you next time I’m in WT.

That’s all folks. My Project 366 is history. 2009 will definitely bring a new photo project but it will be a stress-free one without any time pressure. I’m already sure about the project criteria but I do not tell you yet. So stay tuned till I kick off the new project. In the meantime I will post some photos from time to time whenever I feel like it. So viZZZual.com can now serve it’s primary purpose already stated in the Project 366 post:

Everything about photography that gets on my mind can be dumped here.

Let’s see how much that will be in 2009. And by the way: Happy New Year! :-)

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2 Responses to “R.I.P. Project 366”

  1. 1 Xenon

    So it´s done at last…
    It has been a very interesting project wich shows many great pictures.
    Also it helped to get to know you better.
    Once again:Thank you for this great project, let me know when the next one starts.

  2. 2 Florian

    Congratulations too!
    It was quite interessting to sneak into the live of another person by watching daily pictures :-)


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