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Die you f…in’ bastard! :evil:

bloody bastard

In the garden

flowers (what a surprise ;-)



flower wallpaper

Zoo Vienna

It was feeding time when we (Vroni and Mr. ZZZ) arrived at the Zoo Vienna but the tigers were sleepy because of the heat – it was a hot summer day. The tiger slept outside and the dead rabbit had to wait inside to be eaten.

tiger fodder

More tiger fodder:

tiger fodder

I believe tigers would eat penguins too but they never meet in the wild. Luck is on the penguins side.

penguins on the island


Dinner at the Pony See

We had dinner at the Pony See to celebrate the birthday of my sweetheart’s grandfather.

Table to be prepared

Her grandma prepared a really tasty meal. :-) Gina was waiting to get some leftovers …

Gina waiting ...


Wallpaper of my dinner (pasta salad)

Long time no wallpaper, so here’s one again. The picture below is 6 Megapixel in size (3000 x 2000 pixel) and should fit nearly every desktop resolution. Click on it to download it from Flickr. You can use it for whatever you want, not just for a wallpaper. Just make sure to follow the Creative Commons licence.

pasta salad - free 6 Megapixel image

pasta salad

A relaxing afternoon …

… at the Pony See.

Boat, Pond and Ducks