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The Syringa Worm

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The Syringa Worm  is  was a remote relative of the world-famous Lindworm. He stopped by for a little tittle-tattle and a photo shoot.

Syringa Worm with Syringa blossom

Syringa Worm

Syringa Worm (No autographs please!)

Then I crushed him.

In the Tower Of Terror with Holly Hellcat

We had some gaming fun with Karin and Markus again. We played a board game named Elasund, which is the successor of Candamir. I won. Of course. :cool:

Thanks to Karin and Markus for the great dinner. We had a very delicious toast, tomatoes with mozarella and a maize/kidney bean salad. And the best of all: Ottakringer ;-)

Ottakringer, Tomatoes, Mozarella, Maize, Kidney Beans

Tower Of Terror

Karin and Markus went to the Disneyland Resort Paris about two weeks ago. Markus got this shirt there. I have to say that I’m a bit jealous. ;)

Tower Of Terror

Beware of Holly Hellcat

Holly Hellcat comes straight from Hades. She’s way more dangerous than Cerberus. That is to say that even the devil himself is scared sometimes. :twisted:

Holly the Hellcat (Helly)

You’re making me so tired!

Taco (Chihuahua)

Is it a dog or just a ball of wool?

a ball of wool ;-)

Your opinion? ;-)