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Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour in Vienna

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Madonna played at the Donauinsel today

Madonna should have named her tour “Crappy & Grim” as the quality of the music and her singing was just that: Crap. The visual show was great but the music was crappy crap. Mostly. Well, actually the visual show tried to compensate the bad music. Sometimes it almost tried too hard.

Don’t get me wrong: Madonna’s music sounds great on her albums and I like a lot of her songs but she destroyed her own classics by covering herself and implementing disturbing and unsuitable elements. Imagine “Like a prayer” with hip hop and house elements to (try to) give the song a touch of 2008 (it was originally recorded in 1988) and try not to vomit. I almost did. :-(

The good thing is: I “just” :-( paid about EUR 100.- for my standing place ticket. Others paid about EUR 300.- for a seat and had to listen to the same crap. I got my piece of the crap for a bargain. This is heavy sarcasm just in case you didn’t notice.

But this is of course my personal opinion. And of others I talked to. And read about. And heard about.

And by the way: It seems like everyone and his dog is complaining about rising gas and food prices. But there were tens of thousands of people at the Madonna show. The gallery was full (remember: EUR 300.- seats)!

If you can afford to spend money for crap like this: Stop complaining about rising prices you stupid!

Beer prices

The beer price was surprisingly low (at least compared to this insanity): EUR 4.- for 0.5 litres

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour

Oktoberfest and Stargate Premium Series III

Two events on one evening

First we went to the Wiener Stadthalle to an Oktoberfest clone of the chamber of commerce.


Later we went to the Stargate Premium Series III, a house clubbing with DJs like Fedde le Grand at the new in the Gasometer.

Beer prices in Vienna

The event was reasonably okay but the prices for drinks were crazy. EUR 4.30 for 0.33 litres of beer is insane. That’s EUR 6.52 for 0,5 litres. That’s even more expensive than at the Euro 2008 (EUR 4.50) but still cheaper than at St. Mark’s Square in Venice (EUR 12.-). ;-) The beer prices at the Oktoberfest (Wiener Stadthalle) were a bargain compared to this Premium Series III lunacy: EUR 2.50 for 0.5 litres.

For all who forgot it: The regular beer price in the city centre of Vienna is about EUR 3.50 for 0.5 litres.

By the way: At the original Oktoberfest in Munich you get 1 litre of beer for about EUR 8.30 (2008). Maybe we’ll visit the Oktoberfest next year. Let’s see …

prices for drinks at the Stargate Premium Series III (Vienna, @ Gasometer)

Stargate Premium Series III

Flowbrothers: We love the green veltleen

Do you remember Lee and Ina? I talked about them three months ago in my Kaizers Orchestra concert post.

Flowbrothers party

Today we were invited to a Flowbrothers party which is normally held once a year. The Flowbrothers are a clique of people who call themselves Flowbrothers. I don’t know all the facts and reasons behind that but I think it’s a cool name, and that’s enough for me. ;-)

Lee – the Flowminister

Lee The Flowbrother

Lee is one of those “Flowbrothers”.  He invited me several times before to one of those famous parties but I never got took the time to join their party. This time we made it. :-)

Thanks a lot for the invitation and especially for the green veltleen ;-) and the great, great snacks and cakes.

Party on! :-)

David – part of the world famous Flowbrothers

David The Flowbrother

She’s one of the pharmacists ;-)

B&W Girl

The Girl Conspiracy

The Girl Conspiracy

The Snack

The Snack

Do you like the snack, Patrick? :-)

Eating Computer Science Student

He keeps the supplies coming.

Bring Me Some Beer

Flowbrothers Talk

Talking Flowbrother



Cash Money

Cash Money by the Simpsons

Schnaps for Mr. MA 2412 ;-)

Schnaps was his last word ...

Ina – she’s Ms. Sunshine …

Ina - funny as ever

… and one of the pharmacists.

Beware when she’s mixing you a drink … ;-)



Can you spot the similarities? ;-)

Sisters ...

Talking, drinking, having fun

Under The Screen

Folkclub Musikfest 2008 Waidhofen an der Thaya

Today we had some fun at the Folkclub Musikfest 2008. This is a yearly organized and really great festival in my hometown Waidhofen an der Thaya. Waidhofen is located in the north of Austria in a region called Waldviertel. The location of the Musikfest is one of the loveliest and unhurried places imaginable for a festival.

Bread rolls with cutlets:

I tried to beat my personal record in eating bread rolls with cutlets (my favourite snack at the Musikfest) but only managed to eat five pieces and several other stuff like pancakes and French fries (5 P.M. to 11 P.M.). Several years ago I ate 15 bread rolls with cutlets on one day (and several other things I think) and drank one jar of beer with each piece. But the timeframe was different as I already started in the morning and finished at about midnight. Talk about a really funny day. I think I had the greatest Musikfest ever in my life at that time. Up to now … :mrgreen:

Some folks at the Musikfest 2008:

He’s the Gnu. ;-) We used to live in the same block.

He's the Gnu

Berndi (brother of the Gnu) and his lovely daughter Mia (I hope I remember that correct … ;-) ).

Mia and Berndi

My best best friend Vroni and Mr. Blumi himself.

Vroni and Blumi

Gnu again.


Horst, the prospective husband of Vroni. ;-)


Mr. Pfiff, funny as ever. Last time we met was in August 2005. We ran into each other by chance in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. :-) I took a picture of him and his wife with the tower and sent it to him via e-mail. Today he thanked me for it. Three years later … ;-)


Sandra, the sister of Horst.


Siblings … Do you recognize the similarities? ;-)

Sandra and Horst

Mr. Pfiff again.


Preparing for the 30th Musikfest

This year was the 29th Musikfest and I am really looking forward to the 30th next year. Let’s see if the folks from the Folkclub will prepare some surprises for this big jubilee … And maybe I can beat my cutlet eating record. :mrgreen:

Exclusive Viewing at the Burgtheater

Even though I’m not a big soccer fan I am watching a lot of matches of the Euro 2008 just because it’s in Austria and some of the games are in Vienna. We watched the match Turkey vs Croatia on a huge (!) Full HD screen at the Burgtheater. Telekom Austria invited some members of the Austrian Journalists Club to watch the match there during an “Exclusive Viewing”. It’s called “exclusive” because you were only able to get there with a personal invitation. I got one as a member of the AJC. :-)

Exclusive Viewing Burgtheater Wien

We had our very own box in the theater and a very nice waiter who brought anything we wanted. The really great thing was that EVERYTHING was free. Free drinks (nonalcoholic and alcoholic) and a delicious free buffet. :-)

It was a really great evening and a very exciting match at the end. Turkey won the penalty shoot-out.

Exclusive Viewing Burgtheater Wien