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Italian dinner

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We had a really nice evening with my “parents-in-law”. My “father-in-law” is a superb cook and prepared mussels in white wine like we had them in Paris, Venice and at the Caffè Latte. But they were much better! :-) I don’t think that any restaurant in Paris can beat that. Seriously!


shrimps with white wine

After dinner, we enjoyed the rest of the evening in the wine cellar. :-)

wine cellar - candle lit

Neuburger (white wine)

Goldeck (red wine)

Crossfield’s Vienna

We had a nice dinner at the Crossfield’s, an Australian restaurant/pub next to the Kärntnerstraße. I had a mixed plate with some steaks (crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo) and my favourite dish: the grilled grasshoppers. :)

mixed plate at the Crossfield's

The picture is somewhat blured but I wanted to show you the tasty grasshoppers:


Breakfast at Café Cuadro

We really love to have breakfast at a fancy cafe. You don’t have the work with making coffee and preparing all the other stuff. Just sit down, have a look into the menu and order what you like. The waiter does the rest. And what I like the most: You don’t have to take care of the dirty dishes. :mrgreen:

Café Cuadro

The Café Cuadro is located in the 5th district of Vienna at the Margarethenplatz. It’s a nice cafe with a lovely outdoor area under a tree. They have a nice variety of breakfast menus and good coffee. So the products and the assortment are allright.

Unfortunately it’s more expensive than our favourite cafe (Caffè Latte) and the waiters are a bit strange or in other words a bit harsh. Next time we’ll have breakfast at the Caffè Latte again. Unless the Café Cuadro invites us for breakfast … :twisted:


tasty cereal

breakfast at Café Curado

at the 5th district of Vienna

next to Margarethenstrasse (Vienna)

Dinner at the Pony See

We had dinner at the Pony See to celebrate the birthday of my sweetheart’s grandfather.

Table to be prepared

Her grandma prepared a really tasty meal. :-) Gina was waiting to get some leftovers …

Gina waiting ...


Wallpaper of my dinner (pasta salad)

Long time no wallpaper, so here’s one again. The picture below is 6 Megapixel in size (3000 x 2000 pixel) and should fit nearly every desktop resolution. Click on it to download it from Flickr. You can use it for whatever you want, not just for a wallpaper. Just make sure to follow the Creative Commons licence.

pasta salad - free 6 Megapixel image

pasta salad

Breakfast at ANKER Brot

We had a relaxed breakfast at ANKER. It was okay, but nothing special. The cutlery was dirty and the saleslady a bit overstrained.

If you need a royalty free image of a breakfast table, here’s a 6 megapixel image (3000 x 2000) of our breakfast.

Click the image below to get the original size. Make sure to check out the associated Creative Commons licence before using the picture.

Breakfast at ANKER