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Things we traded last weekend on our geocaching tour.

°°°° O

°°°° O



Weekend, spare time, geocaching:


writing in the logbook

in the woods



A little photomerge again. This one is 1,863 x 6,200 pixels. Click on the image below to see the original. But beware it’s kinda big. Don’t do it if you have a slow connection and not 16 Mbit/s like me … :mrgreen:

panorama in the woods (6200 x 1863)

Mitsubishi caching

The time has come.


Geocache Waldrapp in my home town. WTF is a Waldrapp?


Waldrapp (Waidhofen an der Thaya)

Birthday cache

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to my sweetheart,
happy birthday to you!

birthday cake with candles :)

It was a nice and sunny sunday so we went on a geocaching trip. What else? ;-) We did the cache “Einsiedler“.

what's that

We had a great view over Hardegg again. On the top right of the picture you can see the gazebo from our first geocaching trip.

Panorama over Hardegg (2928 x 1147)

that's it

Castle Hardegg






Einsiedler (description)


another geocache

Geocaching. What else?

Last time I’ve been to the Viennes Zoo was back in August. We’ve been there during the week and there were a lot less people. On today’s hot and sunny sunday, a lot of people with their annoying children had the idea to visit the Zoo. :-( So we quickly left it and started a Geocaching tour in the park of Schönbrunn Palace.

blond girl

Tropical House at Schönbrunn

statues at the pond

naked female statue #1

naked female statue #2

The Obelisk

Geocache 'Schönbrunn'

It’s wallpaper time again:

leaves (wallpaper) #2

leaves (wallpaper) #1

Fall / Autumn