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A really simple way to make money online

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There’s a great contest going on at Contest Blogger. The people behind this great blog give away USD 100,- to a lucky winner each and every month. And everything you have to do is to link back to one or more of their sites. The more links you set (one, two or three) the higher your chance to win. So to enter the contest you have to have a website/blog and should be able to set up at least one link.

The additional great thing is that you don’t have to link to them each month. You just have to set up the links once (as I am doing in this post) and as long as the links stay online you have the chance to win the money each and every month. So here are my links to their three websites: Contest Blogger, Advertising Blogger and Romance Tracker.

Make money online

Do yourself a favour, set some links and drop them a note to enter the contest. Maybe you are lucky and win some free money.

I am pro Longevity Research

Scott Wainner has an interesting article about Longevity Research on his blog (“double your revenue”).

Aging is a disease, like any other. Our cells are programmed by nature to decay and to divide only a finite number of times. This doesn’t have to be a certainty – we are advanced biological machines, and this is an engineering and science problem that can and will eventually be overcome.

I agree with Scott. We should try to “cure” aging. It should be possible for everyone (except the persons that I can’t stand of course ;-) ) to choose how long to live. Take some pills and everything’s fine. Or exchange worn out organs or extremities for artificial ones (prostheses) that last forever and a day. I want to decide how long I live and how I live. Give me the possibility to do so! I support Longevity Research. Do you?

John Chow gives away an 80 dollar pen

The most evil blogger of them all, John Chow, is giving away a Waterman pen from the promotional pens maker, Buying the pen would set you back USD 80,-. So I try to get the pen for free. This post is my entry for the contest, as the only thing you have to do, is to blog about it and give and John Chow some link love. Now hand over the pen, John Chow! ;-)

If you are wondering, why there is no picture: this post is not part of my Project 366.