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U6 Alte Donau

Don’t talk to strangers
Keep away from the DANGER
Don’t talk to strangers who smile
Keep away from the DANGER all the time
You just keep away
Red lights are flashin’
There’s been a misunderstandin’
Bruised an’ broke an’ ban
Through drinkin’ all that brandy
I was under the table but I came back for more
Gotta hit the bottle but my head hit the floor
Don’t talk to strangers
Stranger DANGER
Don’t you talk, don’t talk
Don’t talk to strangers
(AC/DC – Danger)

Railway station Heiligenstadt

heading north

Taking away the Swiss Beach

I already talked about the Swiss Beach back in May. Back then I was looking for a Swiss Bitch but didn’t find one. ;-) This time I saw some but I wasn’t interested. I was more interested in the Swiss Beach deck chairs.

The Swiss Beach deck chair take away

As the Swiss Beach was a project during the Euro 2008 and the Euro is over by now, the Strandbar Herrmann is changing back their deck chairs to the regular ones. So today, the Swiss Beach was selling their deck chairs for the benefit of a charity project. To get a Swiss Beach deck chair, you had to donate at least 10 Euro to the charity project of Ms. Ute Bock who is helping fugitives.

Swiss Beach

The place was crowded with people who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get an official souvenir of the Swiss Beach. My sweetheart and I managed to get four deck chairs nevertheless. We took four chairs because there were different designs. One for each Swiss Euro 2008 town. We got Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern.

Swiss Beach: Bern, Geneve, Zürich, Basel

Swiss Beach

Swiss Beach: Bern, Geneve, Zürich, Basel

Wiener Linien Filter

Some fun with Photoshop filters and other postprocessing stuff.

This is at the subway station Heiligenstadt. The employees of the Wiener Linien checked the tickets at all arriving trains right at this moment. Lucky me was leaving and not arriving … ;-)


Siedlung Südost

This image is only for insiders, I’m sorry … ;-)

Siedlung Süd Ost