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Bratislava #3

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Time to return from our trip to Bratislava. Unfortunately our car had some small problems … ;-)

 Bratislava - day 3

Bratislava #2

Hrad Bratislava (Bratislava Castle)

If you ever plan to go to Bratislava, you should really visit the Bratislava Castle (Hrad Bratislava). The view is awesome even though the weather was foul today.

Click on the photomerged images below to see them in all their glory (full size).

Bratislava Panorama #2

Novy Most (New Bridge)

You can see the New Bridge on the right of the image above and on the upper left of the image below.

Bratislava Panorama #1

Bratislava #1

Beer prices in Bratislava

We did a three day trip to Bratislava to have some drinks and celebrate the birthdays of Christoph and Lydia. Beer is extremely cheap over there. The most expensive beer we drank costed EUR 1.80 (0.5L). Compare that to the beer prices in Venice. ;-)