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An evening with Karin the darling of fortune

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Gaming Session

Saturday. Time for a funny evening with a chummily couple. We invited Karin and Markus – who are addicted to board and card games just like us – to give ‘Thurn and Taxis‘ a try.

Karin and Markus playing 'Thurn and Taxis' with us

In ‘Thurn and Taxis’ you are set back in the beginning of the 17th century where the family ‘Thurn und Taxis‘ created the first postal system through Europe. In the board game you have to build routes accross Bavaria and the surrounding areas, place buildings in the towns you pass, upgrade your stage coaches and collect bonuses for accomplishing special tasks.

'Thurn and Taxis' (a board game)

You get points for each completed route, task, bonus etc. The game ends as soon as someone has either placed all of his houses (20 per player) or reaches the biggest stagecoach (level 7). The one with most of the points wins the game. In our case it was Karin. She reached 19 and beat me by 4 points.

Karin holding the finishing chip of 'Thurn and Taxis'

In this picture she is holding the bonus-chip for finishing the game (she built all of her 20 buildings) and showing me V for victory. Yeah, thanks, we know you won the game. DAMN! ;-) Beware of next time! :-)

If you want to give ‘Thurn and Taxis’ a try, go to brettspielwelt.de where you can play it online for free. If you want to buy it, ask at your favourite game store or look at Amazon.

Welcome to the jungle!

After that we decided to play ‘Jungle Party‘ on Playstation 2. A very funny party game for up to four players. It consists of 40 mini-games that are played one by one with a special input device, the buzzer. The buzzer originally came into the PS2-World with ‘Buzz! The Music Quiz‘. In ‘Jungle Party’ you can choose if you want to play a marathon game (all 40 games) or a long, middle or short game. The shorter the game the less mini-games are randomly choosen out of all available games. At the end, the player with most of the points wins. We played two middle games. And guess who won both of them? Yeah, Karin again. Damn! ;-) It was soooo close in the second round, but again, I finished on second place. Karin, are you doing anything else at home apart from playing this game? ;-) Anyway, thanks to Karin and Markus for coming over to our place and spending this funny evening with us! We are very much looking forward to the next gaming session! :-)