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Happy Birthday Mr. ZZZ

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Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday Mr. ZZZ,
happy birthday to you!

happy birthday to me

My sweetheart invited me to one of our favourite restaurants (Caffè Latte) to celebrate my birthday. We had champagne, mussels, white wine, cocktails and a delicious dessert. Thanks my love, it was a great evening! :-)

But we still have to find a restaurant in Vienna where the mussels are as delicious as in France and Italy. We are a bit fastidious since our trip to Paris on New Year’s Eve and our trip to Venice on Valentine’s Day. ;-)


mussels and white wine

blue sky and clouds


dessert and cocktails

The best thing is that the birthday boy eats for free. :-) Appetizer, main course and dessert, it’s all free. You just have to show them your ID card to proof your birthday and that’s it. And there’s no limit regarding the price of the dishes. You can choose ANYTHING. I took the most expensive things. Of course. ;-)

Brunch at Caffè Latte Vienna

After the bad mood yesterday we decided to enjoy the holiday (Corpus Christi) by having brunch at the Caffè Latte in the Neubaugasse (Vienna).

Brunch at Caffè Latte

The Chardonnay (late vintage) from the winery Sattler is such a great wine, we had to order a second bottle! :-)

Chardonnay from the winery Sattler

Brunch at Caffè Latte (Neubaugasse)

Chardonnay from the winery Sattler