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Nova Rock 2008: Day 3

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Here’s day 3 of the Nova Rock festival 2008. Check out day 2 and day 1 too!

These guys didn’t find the way to the toilet … ;-)

more beer please

She was washing her hair next to her tent which was pitched next to a way passed by thousands (!) of people every day. Not my kind of fun …

washing her hair

The red stage:

red stage

fuck her gently

Bungee jumping at the Nova Rock. Do you find the mistake in the picture?

bungee jumping

free sex


Tribal War (Soulfly)

Nova Rock photos

The bands of day 3: Incubus, Anti Flag, Rise Against, The Weakerthans, Guadalajara, Jaguar Love, Vanilla Sky, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Alter Bridge, Enter Shikari and Black Tide.

Nova Rock 2008: Day 2

Let’s get it on with day 2 of our trip to the Nova Rock 2008 festival. Make sure you don’t miss day 1 and day 3!

This girl tried to freeze her tongue on a frozen bottle. It worked. :mrgreen:

Sticking her tongue on a frozen bottle

Breakfast ;-)


Nova Sky

The blue stage (main stage):

Blue Stage with clouds


He looked a bit angry because of me taking a picture …

Get the fuck out of my way

I believe I can fly ...

She was a bit drunken and that’s why it was really funny to talk to her and take some snapshots:

The Drunken Triptychon Girl

On day 1 by the way, it was me who was drunken and I think others had some fun while talking to me … ;-)

I think he likes the Beatsteaks:

colored Beatsteaks fan

She was one of the artists who painted the guy above. Everyone’s crazy at the Nova Rock.

heart glasses

Nova Rock photos

Check out the bands of day 2: The Verve, Beatsteaks, Gavin Rossdale (ex-Bush), New Model Army, The Godfathers, Melee, Calico Soul, Sunshine, Die Mannequin (hot and crazy female singer), Motörhead, In Flames, Bad Religion, Subway to Sally, Opeth, Sonic Syndicate and Alpha Galates.

Nova Rock 2008: Day 1

Wind, wind, wind … Arriving at the Nova Rock festival started very windy. We (Mr. W and Mr. ZZZ) had some problems with pitching our tent (and some other’s who were not able to do it by themselves).

We joined some funny kids teenies and learned them a thing or two. ;-) Like opening a can of Ananas with a Leatherman … *g*

opening a can with ananas

Jürgen, the brother of Mr. W:

Die Ärzte or die

Some crazy folks:


The Penis Power Crew:

Penis Power Crew

the cow

Mr. W himself:

Mr. W

The following guy told me:

This is no flag, this is a giant condom.

the condom flag

blowing in the wind

We tried to fly:

try to fly ...

try to fly ...

Yeah baby, I know you want it but I’m taken. Sorry! ;-)

I know you want it ... ;-)

If you want to see some bands who played this day, head over to these Nova Rock photos where you can find pictures of NOFX, Mia., Ash, Hundred Reasons, Donots, Zox, Cavalera Conspiracy, Jonathan Davis (singer of Korn), Porcupine Tree, Volbeat and From Frist To Last.

Check out day 2 and day 3 of the Nova Rock 2008 too!

F… you

Tchibo has a rather explicit packaging for their underwear … ;-) Matches my bad mood. :twisted:

F... you

Würzburg, Ural, Aschaffenburg and back

The sidecar I mentioned yesterday is an Ural. We went to see and test it in a small town near Frankfurt, in Egelsbach. After examining and riding it for about an hour, my brother decided not to take it because its condition wasn’t good enough.

URAL Sidecar




On our trip to Egelsbach we had a break on a motorway resthouse at Würzburg South. We had a great view over Würzburg there. I took several images and photomerged them:

Würzburg (Photomerge)

After examining the sidecar and going back on our six hour trip from Egelsbach to Passau, we stopped at Aschaffenburg where we had lunch and visited the Johannisburg.

Johannisburg (Germany, Bavaria, Aschaffenburg)

Johannisburg (Germany, Bavaria, Aschaffenburg)

There was a great red brick wall near the Johannisburg which provided a nice motive for another wallpaper. :-) Just click on the image below. If you are looking for another red brick wall, try this one.

Red Brick Wall (Wallpaper)

We had lunch in a lovely restaurant near the Johannisburg where I found these nice beer coasters. :)

A Weizen dat mi reizen - girls with big boobs and beer