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Travelling through the (music) world while having some beer

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Happy birthday to Karin!

Thinking of Karin’s birthday party makes me hungry again. Her bread au gratin was really great. And the muffins too. Well, actually the beer was the best. ;-) It was Ottakringer, wasn’t it?

I had a discussion with a White Stripes groupie about the miserable gig last June at the Gasometer in Vienna. The gig was awful and she thought it was great. Well … forget about that! No harm meant! :-)

Sleeping White Stripes Fan


Switching over to my conversation with Marco about travelling in general and some special places in particular. THIS was interesting. We talked about Paris, the Philippines, Australia and Thailand. Thailand must be a really wonderful place. My old friend Berny would have been a perfect match in this conversation. He is currently exploring Australia for the second time and going to Thailand these days for the third (?) time. Head over to his great travelling blog (german) where you can find his stories and lots of pictures. And NO, we are not talking about sex tourism you obscene bastards. I know you thought we would. NO, we aren’t! ;-)

Marco aka Markus @ Karin's birthday party

Other highlights

We were watching Hape Kerkeling aka Horst Schlämmer on DVD. This guy is fantastic but that’s an understatement. He is an extraordinary comedian.

Talking about music with Markus: Hey, I didn’t know you like The Prodigy too. Man that was a crazy time back in the 90s when The Fat of the Land was released. I was all music, music, music and even more music. A lot of very cool stuff came out in the 90s. Just think about the great Rage Against The Machine records. Then they broke up in 2000 and last year they reunited. Well, money has no smell. ;-)

Markus at his fiancées' birthday party

Today it seems like there are only casting bands and other crap. ;-) You really have to search for good music. It’s out there but you have to find it. In the 90s it found you. But this will change as soon as AC/DC release their new album. Watch out, real Hard Rock will be back! :-)

Let there be rock Thomas! I really like your straight into the face attitude when talking to people. You don’t mince matters, that’s great! :-)

Thomas @ Karins' birthday party

Just a miserable safety shot


Today was Karin’s birthday party. Happy birthday again by the way! :-) I intended to take a lot of pictures there and use them as the images of the day. But when I took the first picture at the party, it was already after midnight. So they do not count for today. Bad luck! But I will publish some of them in the post for tomorrow.

Fortunately I took a safety picture while still at home to make sure my Project 366 does not fail. So here it is, the miserable safety shot. ;-)

Angels Wall Door Lamp - that's it