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White plate

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plate after lunch

Würzburg, Ural, Aschaffenburg and back

The sidecar I mentioned yesterday is an Ural. We went to see and test it in a small town near Frankfurt, in Egelsbach. After examining and riding it for about an hour, my brother decided not to take it because its condition wasn’t good enough.

URAL Sidecar




On our trip to Egelsbach we had a break on a motorway resthouse at Würzburg South. We had a great view over Würzburg there. I took several images and photomerged them:

Würzburg (Photomerge)

After examining the sidecar and going back on our six hour trip from Egelsbach to Passau, we stopped at Aschaffenburg where we had lunch and visited the Johannisburg.

Johannisburg (Germany, Bavaria, Aschaffenburg)

Johannisburg (Germany, Bavaria, Aschaffenburg)

There was a great red brick wall near the Johannisburg which provided a nice motive for another wallpaper. :-) Just click on the image below. If you are looking for another red brick wall, try this one.

Red Brick Wall (Wallpaper)

We had lunch in a lovely restaurant near the Johannisburg where I found these nice beer coasters. :)

A Weizen dat mi reizen - girls with big boobs and beer

Brunch at Caffè Latte Vienna

After the bad mood yesterday we decided to enjoy the holiday (Corpus Christi) by having brunch at the Caffè Latte in the Neubaugasse (Vienna).

Brunch at Caffè Latte

The Chardonnay (late vintage) from the winery Sattler is such a great wine, we had to order a second bottle! :-)

Chardonnay from the winery Sattler

Brunch at Caffè Latte (Neubaugasse)

Chardonnay from the winery Sattler