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New Year’s Eve 2008

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One year ago we spent New Year’s Eve in Paris. This year we celebrated in Vienna with our friends Karin and Markus. Karin was really into Guitar Hero On Tour and played it like crazy. Every five minutes we heard her screaming “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. ;-)

Guitar Hero On Tour

The leftovers of our fondue:

New Year's Eve

Welcome home!

Mr. and Mrs. W. came back from their honeymoon. :-)

Welcome home!

It’s done

After the wedding at the civil registry office yesterday, Karin and Markus got married in the church too. Thanks to Mr. ZZZ and his sweetheart they got an adequate car for this day. 8)

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. W.! :-)

great car for great people

Civil Registry Office

A lot of people around me are getting married at the moment or give birth. Maybe I should think of doing it too … ? No. Not yet. I’m still too crazy and my life is not settled enough. Maybe in a year or two. Or three. Or later.

Today was the wedding of Karin and Markus at the civil registry office.

You may kiss the bride now.

After the wedding

Later we’ve been to the church to prepare it for the church wedding tomorrow.

at the church

That’s what I’m talking about! Christoph is a really cool priest! ;-) Bang your head to the sound of the church bells. HELLS BELLS! :mrgreen:

Cool Priest

In the evening we went for a drink some drinks with the girls.

drinking with the girls


The last day in freedom for Markus who is going to get married. This was his eve-of-the-wedding party. Funny people having one drink or two. Or three. Or more. ;-)

He got the shirt from Mr. ZZZ by the way … :mrgreen:


last night in freedom

drink, drink, drink ...

Ohhhhh, viZZZual makes me soooo hot … ;-)

viZZZual is hot and so are we

Christoph showing some moves to the girls (strippers) in the nightclub. They learned a lot this night morning.

shake it baby