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New Year’s Eve 2008

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One year ago we spent New Year’s Eve in Paris. This year we celebrated in Vienna with our friends Karin and Markus. Karin was really into Guitar Hero On Tour and played it like crazy. Every five minutes we heard her screaming “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. ;-)

Guitar Hero On Tour

The leftovers of our fondue:

New Year's Eve

Guitar Hero On Tour for Nintendo DS

This is one of my Christmas presents. Unfortunately it won’t work with the new Nintendo DSi as the Guitar Grip does need a GBA-slot to work and the DSi does not have a GBA-slot.

Guitar Hero On Tour

Nintendo DSi

A few weeks ago (November 1st 2008) Nintendo has released the Nintendo DSi in Japan. It will be released in Europe in Spring 2009 and in the US somewhen in 2009.

In the meantime I have to content myself with my Nintendo DS lite. ;-)

Nintendo DS (not yet DSi)