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Champagne vs Coffee

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Who wins?

champagne vs coffee

Do you remember the cup of coffee? ;-)

Dinner at the Pony See

We had dinner at the Pony See to celebrate the birthday of my sweetheart’s grandfather.

Table to be prepared

Her grandma prepared a really tasty meal. :-) Gina was waiting to get some leftovers …

Gina waiting ...


Wallpaper of my dinner (pasta salad)

Long time no wallpaper, so here’s one again. The picture below is 6 Megapixel in size (3000 x 2000 pixel) and should fit nearly every desktop resolution. Click on it to download it from Flickr. You can use it for whatever you want, not just for a wallpaper. Just make sure to follow the Creative Commons licence.

pasta salad - free 6 Megapixel image

pasta salad

A relaxing afternoon …

… at the Pony See.

Boat, Pond and Ducks



Red Bull has a new model

I proudly present to you: Kathy, the new model of Red Bull. :-)

Kathy - the new Red Bull model

I didn’t notice that Red Bull changed their can tab. Well, even though I really like it I don’t drink it that often. But the new (at least for me) can tab is really cool! :)

Red Bull - new can tab

We had a really nice afternoon today. Barbecue! :) And a bottle of Zwettler. :)

Zwettler Kuenringer Festbock

Don’t touch my coffee cup! :twisted:

My Cup

There was a really bad storm and it was raining cats and dogs right after finishing the barbecue and coffee. Gina was a bit afraid of the storm.

Gina afraid of the storm