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R.I.P. Project 366

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It’s done

With this post, my Project 366 is now officially finished. I managed to stay within my project rules and took an image every day for the whole year 2008. But I’m really happy that it’s over now as it really started to be a pain in the neck. In the beginning I was really motivated and enjoyed taking pictures and posting them on viZZZual.com but the last weeks of the project really got on my nerves. I started to HATE taking pictures. And that’s the complete opposite of what I hoped would happen during the project. Whatever, the project is over and I hope in some days or weeks the fun in taking pictures will come back.


The last thing to do is to finally announce the winner of my printed wallpaper from JuicyWalls. It’s Xenon. Congratulations! Buddy, I’ll hand it over to you next time I’m in WT.

That’s all folks. My Project 366 is history. 2009 will definitely bring a new photo project but it will be a stress-free one without any time pressure. I’m already sure about the project criteria but I do not tell you yet. So stay tuned till I kick off the new project. In the meantime I will post some photos from time to time whenever I feel like it. So viZZZual.com can now serve it’s primary purpose already stated in the Project 366 post:

Everything about photography that gets on my mind can be dumped here.

Let’s see how much that will be in 2009. And by the way: Happy New Year! :-)

New Year’s Eve 2008

One year ago we spent New Year’s Eve in Paris. This year we celebrated in Vienna with our friends Karin and Markus. Karin was really into Guitar Hero On Tour and played it like crazy. Every five minutes we heard her screaming “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. ;-)

Guitar Hero On Tour

The leftovers of our fondue:

New Year's Eve

He hates my Project 366 …

… and so do I.

dark shadow

My walking shadow …

… is as demotivated as myself. I have definitely a hard time at the moment in producing quality photos for my Project 366. It’s not really fun at the moment because I have so many other things to do and feel myself forced to take pictures every day. I knew already at the beginning that a time like this will come but I’m nevertheless pissed even though I thought I was prepared.

I hope this stressful time will pass off fast so I’ll regain my motivation and the fun in this project.

Shadow Serial 21120 x 2560

One picture a day (my project 366): The Rules

The first post

To make a long story as short as possible: Once upon a time while surfing the web I stumbled on a guy who takes a polaroid picture on every single day as a diary of his life. I really liked his project and thought about doing something similar. It never happened. Fast forward some years in which I gained more online experience, created some websites, got different digital cameras, took thousands of pictures and call myself semi-professional by now. But still no picture diary yet.

A vague idea of creating a website about my photography enthusiasm always at the back of my mind I registered vizzzual.com in autumn 2007. A combination of the word ‘visual’ and my (gamer) nickname ‘ZZZ’. The visual ramblings of ZZZ. Looking at the world vizzzually. Everything about photography that gets on my mind can be dumped here.

And finally a place for my picture diary

While searching the web for the guy who originally had this idea, instead of him I found a lot of people who are doing a ‘project 365‘. Taking a picture every day for one year. Sounds good to me to get started. For my first vizzzual project, I decided to take at least one picture on every day of 2008 and publish it. In fact it’s a ‘project 366‘ as 2008 is a leap year.

To call the project a success it must meet the following criteria:

  • Take at least one picture a day in the entire year 2008.
  • Publish the picture within 7 days after it was taken.

So on every day of this year I will take at least one picture and publish it on vizzzual.com. The ideal case would be to write a short story describing the picture and/or to take and publish more than one picture. But this is not a must to meet the project-criteria.

What do I hope will happen during the project?

  • My photography skills will improve. For some personal reasons I didn’t get many chances to live out my photo enthusiasm in 2007. Thereby my skills got a bit rusty. This has to be changed.
  • My english language ability and writing skills will improve. Even though my mother tongue is german (as I am Austrian), I am using english on vizzzual.com to improve my skills on the one hand and to target an international audience on the other hand.
  • Get to know some interesting people from around the world. Hopefully they will like my pictures/stories. But I am open for fair comments and constructive criticism.
  • Learn to use WordPress from an user and an admin point of view. Until now I was used to work with Joomla at my web projects. To broaden my mind, I decided to use WordPress for this site.

So let’s get started with vizzzual.com and see what 2008 will bring. Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy my posts. Let me know (comments) what you think and feel free to link to your project 365/366, photography website or flickr-account if you have one.

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