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Zoo Vienna

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It was feeding time when we (Vroni and Mr. ZZZ) arrived at the Zoo Vienna but the tigers were sleepy because of the heat – it was a hot summer day. The tiger slept outside and the dead rabbit had to wait inside to be eaten.

tiger fodder

More tiger fodder:

tiger fodder

I believe tigers would eat penguins too but they never meet in the wild. Luck is on the penguins side.

penguins on the island


Copa Cagrana – La Vida Bar

Sitting in the evening sun with Vroni at the La Vida Bar (Copa Cagrana/Donauinsel).

Sunny Beer


Donauinsel with Vroni

Sunset at the Donauinsel

Folkclub Musikfest 2008 Waidhofen an der Thaya

Today we had some fun at the Folkclub Musikfest 2008. This is a yearly organized and really great festival in my hometown Waidhofen an der Thaya. Waidhofen is located in the north of Austria in a region called Waldviertel. The location of the Musikfest is one of the loveliest and unhurried places imaginable for a festival.

Bread rolls with cutlets:

I tried to beat my personal record in eating bread rolls with cutlets (my favourite snack at the Musikfest) but only managed to eat five pieces and several other stuff like pancakes and French fries (5 P.M. to 11 P.M.). Several years ago I ate 15 bread rolls with cutlets on one day (and several other things I think) and drank one jar of beer with each piece. But the timeframe was different as I already started in the morning and finished at about midnight. Talk about a really funny day. I think I had the greatest Musikfest ever in my life at that time. Up to now … :mrgreen:

Some folks at the Musikfest 2008:

He’s the Gnu. ;-) We used to live in the same block.

He's the Gnu

Berndi (brother of the Gnu) and his lovely daughter Mia (I hope I remember that correct … ;-) ).

Mia and Berndi

My best best friend Vroni and Mr. Blumi himself.

Vroni and Blumi

Gnu again.


Horst, the prospective husband of Vroni. ;-)


Mr. Pfiff, funny as ever. Last time we met was in August 2005. We ran into each other by chance in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. :-) I took a picture of him and his wife with the tower and sent it to him via e-mail. Today he thanked me for it. Three years later … ;-)


Sandra, the sister of Horst.


Siblings … Do you recognize the similarities? ;-)

Sandra and Horst

Mr. Pfiff again.


Preparing for the 30th Musikfest

This year was the 29th Musikfest and I am really looking forward to the 30th next year. Let’s see if the folks from the Folkclub will prepare some surprises for this big jubilee … And maybe I can beat my cutlet eating record. :mrgreen: